Ever present past: Phillip Spaulding

Since the return of Phillip Spaulding is just around the corner on Guiding Light, there’s been a lot of talk about what WILL happen, and how his return will impact nearly everyone in town. 

I thought it would be a great idea to revisit some of the places Phillip had been when we last saw him. Most long-time fans know the earlier chapters of Phillip, but let’s take a look at the last few years before his departure. 

For example, there was his torrid affair with Olivia, who was at the time involved with Alan. Olivia and Phillip’s relationship started with a kiss that was meant totally as a joke to make Alan jealous. (Ironically, it sounds an awful lot like Olivia kissing Natalia – meant to prove a point, but a kiss that appears to have stirred up feelings in Olivia.) 

Here’s a great fan video that captures some essential scenes from that time. 

In the last year or so that Phillip was on the canvas, he was Crazy!Phillip. The throughline of this is all a little fuzzy, but if I remember correctly, Phillip had been drugged or introduced to the drug Antimonium by Carrie Carruthers, the aunt of (say it with me) Maryanne Carruthers.* 

The implication on-screen at the time was that Phillip’s anxious, disturbed mental state had been caused, or at least initiated, by his consumption of these drugs. 

When we last saw him, Phillip had morphed into mini-Alan, and was hellbent on taking over Springfield. 

No matter where Phillip’s story picks up, I hope we learn what he’s been up to over these last four years.**

*A name I thought I’d never have to say again!        ** Memo to GL: Somewhere in those four years, if only for a few days, I’m hoping India was part of that journey (and that we see her again). 

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