5 thoughts on “BEST. NEWS. EVER.

  1. Well, the palomino pony on the beach was Beth and Lujack, not the Four Musketters.

    But I’m getting more and more excited by the prospect of having Phillip back in town. And now they’re going to bring Krista back as Mindy too! At least someone at GL understands the show’s history. Let’s just hope they write a story worthy of the Four Musketters and their loyal fans.

    And if they truly want to revitalize the Spauldings, no time better than to bring India to town too.

  2. Given that news, it will be interesting if the writers try to use the Four Musketeers’ shared history together or not. Maybe not mine it for drama, but it would be nice to have them referencing things from a long time ago just for the sake of consistency. There is SO much history there….

  3. Oh my gosh, this is great news guys! I agree wholeheartedly.. I have been watching Guiding Light since the early 80’s but my parents have been watching ot shall I say (listening, even by radio) since it’s incepttion. I miss the days of “old” Guiding light, Phillip, Beth, Mindy, and Rick all together and YOUNG like I was back then also. I use to sit and watch and dream of their lives and imagine what mine would be like someday and if anything would be parallel, ya know? I mean I am 49 today and these characters are around my age maybe a little bit younger by a couple of years and I use to relate to them on some level. Hahhh, don’t we all on soaps?

    Remember Lujack? I used to loathe him at first but then I fell in love with him too, after all, he was Aunt Alex’s son, right. Hmmm. he was bad David on The Young and The Restless and now he’s bad David on All My Children. I can’t get used to him being bad and staying bad because I saw him bad then turn into “charming” on Guiding Light. Then he was gone. Then when he resurfaced all of his parts have been of being just the “bad” guy everywhere. Anyway, yada yada yada..But looks like Guiding Light is finally getting back to it’s routes. I have definitely missed Mindy and I’m glad to see her returning like Phillip..
    Happy soaping…

    Hi Kimberly – I’m glad to see your enthusiasm, but Mindy’s visit to Springfield happened a few weeks ago. It was only a visit for now, but hopefully she’ll return to Springfield on a more full-time basis.

  4. Thanks, for the update I guess I will find that out soon, I have 18 episodes still recorded on my DVR that I am behind on, lol. I watched all night long, last night actually I had 23, down to 18 so, I will soon find that out. Anyway, glad to see that someone is out there keeping the boards up to date. It’a alive and kicking this morning…:)

    You’ll enjoy the reunion when you see it!

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