Otalia and the Times

chappellWell, halle-freaking-llujah. The mainstream press gets it!

Or more to the point? The New York Times has been Chappelled.

Today, the Times is featuring an article (written by Lisa Bernhard) that covers some of the ground I mentioned last week in my appreciation of Crystal’s work (and appreciation of the fact that Venice is capitalizing on what CBS and Telenext either would not, or could not).

It’s a great article, with none of the bland generalities that the mainstream press usually tack on to soap stories.

And I think Chappell may have just given her fans a new idea for a T-shirt: “Red Bull by Day, Grey Goose by Night!”

9 thoughts on “Otalia and the Times

  1. I’m ready to print the t-shirt. What an amazing day for Crystal, her production company, Venice and her fans. She is a smart, talented and beautiful person. I’m so looking forward to it all.

    I want a T-shirt!

  2. It is exciting to watch. She and her team do a great job of making everyone feel involved. Nice to see that kind of loyalty to an audience. And even nicer to see it get (positive) attention/recognition.

  3. Thank you, Patrick for this coverage. The more quality coverage we can get for Venice the Series in promoting it and the quality of the work to come will be a great thing. 🙂

    Positive publicity FTW!

  4. Ah, Crystal Chappell. “The Goddess.”

    Could VENICE gain enough buzz to actually go network, or, more likely, cable?

    And will Crystal even bother with DAYS (I’m only gonna start watching again because of her…but I don’t wanna) if that should happen?

    Crystal is smart. She’s making her OWN projects happen. I wish she didn’t have to continue to toil on DAYS to do so, and hope she makes the break ASAP.

    I don’t think the net is the future of soaps. But I do think that VENICE might be the future of Crystal Chappell, and I hope it leads to greater things for her.

    (Where’s that US version of the UK’s BAD GIRLS prison drama that’s been in development hell for years on the cable nets? Crystal’s perfect for either main character, lesbian inmate Nikki Wade or late-bloomer Wing Governor Helen Stewart! Cast this sucker with all great daytime actresses NOW.)

    (Patrick, if you’ve never seen the UK’s BAD GIRLS, buy a region-free DVD player and all the seasons NOW. I think you’d LOVE it.)

  5. That’s great for Crystal and for Venice. I hope her team decides to make the show available on DVD eventually. Imaginary Bitches, The Guild and of course Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog can all be bought on-line. That is another way to make revenue. Perhaps Crystal, Kimmy and the team can also do events for alternative media to get others interested in viewing the series.

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