Gone fishin’

It’s been a long, cold spring here in the land of Lincoln (and birthplace of soaps).  I need to put the mouse down, and back away slowly from my computer monitor.

Accordingly, A Thousand Other Worlds is going on a brief, temporary hiatus. Or as I like to call it:

I’ll be back here in a few weeks with more complaining and whining for your reading pleasure.*

Meanwhile, during my brief retreat from the Interwebz, it’s worth noting that Guiding Light celebrates its 57th birthday on TV on June 30th. Happy Birthday, GL!

It’s been a rough spring for many of us who are GL fans. But I’m trying to be grateful for what was and enjoy the final leg of the journey. This is my theme song for that state of mind. (Double click the window, and a YouTube window will pop up.) I wish GL would use this in the final days on CBS; it’s such an appropriate song.

Have a great Canada Day and Fourth of July, and see you soon!

*Of course, if anything totally, jawdroppingly batshit crazy happens, I’ll have to be all up in that mess.