Quick update…..

Tune in tomorrow, kids. I’ll have an interview with a Guiding Light cast member (you’ll have to guess who until then). 

Last week was an entertaining week to watch – but today’s show was Emmy-worthy. (Any show that can make cynical, crabby, argumentative me a weeping, crying mess deserves an Emmy.) If you haven’t watched it yet, make sure you do.

2 thoughts on “Quick update…..

  1. indeed. watched in real time as it was recording and when my mind could actually form a coherent thought, it was — #7 for justin deas.

    Agreed, Lynn. I’d forgotten that he’d had so many awards….and Buzz hasn’t had a lot to do for a while, though I did like the support he provided during the whole Harley/Marina/Cyrus business. It was tricky to show that he loved Harley but completely disapproved and Deas handled it well.

    This was schmaltzy, but not a single false note from him.

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