Monday, Monday

I didn’t liveblog today’s episode of Guiding Light, but it was also a damn good episode (despite it being a Phillip-free one). 

I can’t be sure, but I swear I saw Bill in a scene with Olivia. Olivia who, you know, he has a past with.

And Olivia isn’t Cyrus, Billy or Lizzie…and yet there Bill was. Supporting another story. Listening to her confess her confusion about Natalia. 

OMG. Not only are the stories gaining momentum on their own…..but they’re crossing into each other

*faints from the shock* 

The last ten minutes are Cooper schmaltz – but very moving Cooper schmaltz. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Patrick, I’m off today and I watched GL live (for the first time in atleast a year). I didn’t switch channels! Justin Deas reminded me why he has more emmys than any other actor (or close). I was actually moved to near tears. What frustrates me is the need for these shows to kill off legacy characters. Couldn’t Beth reject Coop (because Alan was threatening to kill him) and Coop leave town to “recoup”? I just think Coop had more future potential! Overall it was a good episode!

  2. LOL! “Cooper schmaltz” I am not one to get all weepy over this stuff, so I found you comment quite amusing!

    I agree, I like that the characters have been touching characters outside their immediate story lines. For too long they were all in isolation. I will also agree that despite my favorite character (Alan) not being around again today, it was a good show over all. We are finally seeing stories being told. As for Coop, I never did get too excited about the character.

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