Expanding one’s vocabulary

Guiding Light

You know I’m really digging the show these days, and I love several of the stories. 

I’m loving the Otalia story, too.


But Natalia and Olivia (and everyone else in Springfield) seem to be stumped when it comes to a particular word. One that maybe wasn’t in the script.

The word you’re looking for? Is  



You’re welcome,



NOTE: Okay, mea culpa. GL did mention the L word this week (2/2/09). First from Alan Spaulding, and then from Doris Wolfe. 

(And you just KNOW Doris had her moments in college. You know she kissed a girl – AND she liked it!)

2 thoughts on “Expanding one’s vocabulary

  1. But do we really need the word? Can’t Olivia and Natalia be two women who care for each other and -not- be lesbians? I’m reminded of what Susan Sarandon had to say about her character in Thelma & Louise in relation to Geena Davis’ character; she said that the characters were “beyond their sexuality” by the movie’s end. They were merely two women united by something “more than love”.

    Wouldn’t you rather let the story play out to a point where the word is used because it’s the logical place to use it, or forcing the word into the script just so it can be used?

    I don’t pretend to have the right answer. I just think forcing the writers to throw it into a script just so it’s said is the wrong idea.

    Matt, I’m not saying THEY need to identify as lesbians (at least, not yet). But I think it’s a little disingenuous that when they’re describing the reactions of the fellow parents, etc. to say, “Um…..you know.”

  2. I recognize what you’re saying, Patrick, but I tend to think that’s actually pretty realistic. When I came out as gay, not only did my parents have trouble saying it, but my extended family as well as friends of the family had difficulty saying that tiny three-letter word…but had no trouble saying, “you *know*…” (some even included a terribly stereotypical gesture of one’s wrist, for the more visual folks).

    I hate to sound like an apologist for GL or CBS, but give it time. They may yet surprise us. 🙂

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