A soap that remembers

Thanks to the super-informative We Love Soaps blog, I get to read updates from time to time on the British soap Eastenders.

I was a huge fan of Eastenders when it first launched. I loved its realistic settings and working-class characters, and the storylines were fabulous. One of the first stories involved Michelle, a teenaged girl who got pregnant. The show brilliantly played the father as a mystery, until it was revealed that town scoundrel “Dirty” Den – the father of Michelle’s best friend Sharon – was the dad.

When my local PBS station stopped carrying the show, I lost the plot and am ashamed to say I’ve never picked it back up, though I’ve always kept tabs on what’s happened. This show is one of the reasons that I think I really “get” what Guiding Light was trying to do with its new filming method and location shooting. (Unfortunately, GL’s story wasn’t as strong as the visuals when the new method launched.)

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