Farewell, Lisa Brown

It seems utterly impossible that I am typing these words, but the great Lisa Brown has died. She was 67 years old.

Her work on both As The World Turns and Guiding Light meant so much to me.

I logged into this WordPress account just now, using a password that includes the name of one of her characters.

Logging in and seeing, impossibly, eerily, that my most recent post was to say goodbye to Michael Tylo a few months ago. How can it be that we lost both of them?

I know she had her family, her grandkids, her beloved, beautiful dogs. I hope she was happy, and that she was not filled with pain, or that her passing ended that pain.

Part of me wants to write 4000 words, but I’m just so sad. I don’t know what else to say, but I honor her work and her life. Rest in peace, Lisa.

EDITED TO ADD: Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons has a heartfelt remembrance of Lisa and her work here.

One thought on “Farewell, Lisa Brown

  1. just posted this at soap opera network:

    so many thoughts about lisa brown.

    nola was perhaps my late mother’s all-time favorite soap character. several years after my mother died, i was doing some research at the madison archives. i cannot say how stunned i was to read in douglas marland’s original longterm for nola-kelly-morgan that his original intention was for kelly to end up with nola.

    besides wondering what my mother would have thought, i would also love to know why marland decided to change course. i’ve never heard anything else about it. and i’ve always kicked myself that i didn’t make a copy because marland’s papers are no longer in the madison archives.

    one more thing about lisa: back in the mid-90s, executive producer laurance caso wanted to have the snyder farm burn to the ground. his plan was to give the entire family a reason to reunite and pull together, and i think, to rebuild. in any case, the story was leaked to soap opera weekly, and caso was so pissed he junked the entire story. heard from a reliable source that it was lisa, fearing the snyders were about to be written off, who leaked the story. would have loved to ask her about that. 

    Hi, Lynn – I had no idea Marland’s papers had been moved!

    The intel about the story with the Snyder farm is delicious….Lisa was very outspoken about both shows so it would not surprise me in the least if she’d played a part. I’ll write something more this week. Still such a shock.

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