Farewell, Michael Tylo

Very sad news yesterday of Michael Tylo’s death at 73.

He had a career full of great work, including his later work as a theater professor. But there was real magic in Michael’s role on Guiding Light. Quinton was a fascinating, unique character, and at the risk of overusing the term “magic,” it’s one of the few words that seems to accurately describe the work Tylo did with Lisa Brown (Nola).

Their story was beautiful, multilayered in a way that’s hard to describe. Tylo made Quinton a prince fulfilling Nola’s dreams without turning him into a simp or sap. (Well, not during the Marland years….but that’s another post for another day.)

So many beautiful moments of storytelling and acting, but to honor Tylo and his work with Brown, take a moment to click this YouTube link to revisit where that magical story started.

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