An eye on the hourglass at DAYS


I’ve been trying to sample the remaining four soaps again, something I really haven’t done in a while.

But I have to admit, DAYS is a complete mystery to me.

There are other shows that are just not my cup of tea, but I have a general idea of what they’re doing and where they’re going.

DAYS? Not so much.

More than anything, I’m just surprised at its continued survival.


Well, DAYS has been really unstable for the last eight years or so. A new regime comes in, the show gets ripped apart, the numbers don’t stay up.

Nine months to a year later? A new “Plan to Save DAYS,” and the whole canvas is torn up again.

We’re going back to the history!

Wait, no! We’re firing all the vets!

I just don’t see how any show can withstand that kind of rapid, radical change so many times in a row.

There’s also the violence factor. DAYS is without a doubt the bloodiest show on the air. General Hospital may have mobsters, but Salem is in a class of its own. Between the multiple deaths of many Salem citizens and the numerous serial killers, one wonders what’s in the water.

The last serial killer managed to kill Will Horton, a senseless death that cut short a story of a character with a long life ahead.

DAYS really lost most of its footing with the departures of Alison Sweeney’s Sami and James Scott’s EJ. Killing Will just compounded that loss.

I don’t understand how DAYS conceives and executes characters, to be sure. They’ve done some really confusing moves in that department.

Justin and Adrienne have five sons, and the show could have brought any of those characters onto the canvas.

Instead, it brought on “Xander,” a Kiriakis cousin – and promptly wasted that character.

Then there was “Andrew.” Wow. Shane Donovan’s son?

Actually, no. Andrew was a short term background character, gone as quickly as he appeared.

I’m a fan of Vincent Irizarry, but I can’t get a handle on Deimos – why he’s there, what he wants, who he likes or dislikes. Perhaps because the show hasn’t defined it for him, or for us.

I get that it’s a rough time for all the shows. Everyone’s trying everything, hoping something sticks.

Going back to the way it used to be isn’t possible, but DAYS has been running around in a circle for a while.

There are some positive signs.

Adrienne’s cancer story is pulling a lot of people together, and it’s very well done.

And the story with Valerie and Julie shows promise. Will DAYS dare to show Julie and David confront the huge gap between them?

For that matter, will DAYS ever follow through on the tease of the Martin house, and bring back Susan Martin?

Bringing a descendant of Susan’s on to do battle with the Hortons in Salem makes a lot more sense than, say, inventing a previously non-existent daughter for Maggie Horton, having Maggie treat her as if she has no other daughters, and then flinging said invented character – Summer – back out the door before most of the audience can blink.

Will DAYS get a chance to build on its positive signs, after so many mistakes?

The announcement today that NBC has hired Megyn Kelly – and plans to give her a daytime talk show – throws uncertainty onto DAYS’ future.

But a lot of bad decisions – and the damage done by writers like Dena Higley, who repeatedly misses the mark on any daytime project she is a part of – have weakened DAYS’ position more than any scheduling change could on its own.



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