Genoa City Neighborhood Watch


The shocker of the year in soapland had to be the announcement that The Young and the Restless was welcoming back Sally Sussman Morina as head writer (as well as Kay Alden as a consulting writer).

It’s a big roll of the dice to go back to the future, especially in this era, where soaps are on shaky ground. Will the new-old-new team be able to strike the necessary balance between the show’s past and its future? Will we finally get a sense of where Mal Young is leading the show?

I did watch the first episode from the team, and thought it was fantastic – a great way to re-set the tone of the show.

I’m making a commitment now to watch every day in January – full episodes, no FF – to really immerse myself and see what’s happening.

And I’ll be doing a snapshot of all four shows – and why I “can’t even” with some of the others.

2017 is (almost) on! Let’s do this!

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