The day after: “The Talk”

I have nothing witty, clever or insightful to say – beyond my wish that the entire episode had been about GL and ATWT. I’m still just pondering it all, as I’ve always done in this space.

Is it wrong to say, even six and seven years later, how much I miss these shows and these characters?

I was so happy to see them all, particularly two performers from ATWT.

Colleen Zenk looks fantastic (as does everyone) and I doubt there was a dry eye when she talked about surviving, and triumphing, over oral cancer.

And then there was Elizabeth Hubbard, still owning it at 82. Hubbard has long been a favorite of mine, but after seeing her work on The Doctors, I have a deeper appreciation for her and for her body of work. It was a joy to see her on screen.

I said it in the last post and will say it again.

I get that economics preclude a full resurrection of these shows. But I know just from the comments I see here, and in other Internet communities, that the interest is still there.

CBS All Access should make a limited series. Or a movie. Or that could be done by any one of a dozen channels that want content. Hallmark Channel comes to mind.

The audience is there. Not everyone wants to watch 18 year olds with vocal fry and a soft spot for antiheroes make bad decisions for two hours, you know?

Will P&G stand in its own way? If history is any indication….

But I’ll leave it on this hopeful note.

Maybe someone will let us revisit these people, and spend at least a few more hours watching their triumphs, their mistakes, their lives.

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