Just about perfect

I was looking at We Love Soaps and the This Day In Soaps feature, and saw this As The World Turns episode from 1986 – yes, 30 years ago.

This was somewhere in the first few months or so that I’d started watching the show. It’s the episode where Chris Hughes (the senior Chris, the patriarch) dies in his sleep, following the death of Don McLaughlin, the actor that portrayed Chris, a few months earlier.

I didn’t have a strong memory of this from the first time around, but it’s so perfect – so many faces we loved, the wonderful ripple effects that Douglas Marland played so well, a balance between young love and mature characters, intrigue and family – well, I could go on.

I wouldn’t change a think. Well, okay, maybe that weird pajama/housedress thing Kim was wearing there. But really, not a thing.

One thought on “Just about perfect

  1. patrick — what a treat! thanks so much for posting this. in agreement about whatever that was that kim was wearing. what really struck me though was how many characters and sets were in this episode. really illustrates how lucrative soaps were back in the day.

    also striking: how the connections among the various characters emerged as the episode progressed; imagine a first-time viewer seeing john show up in dusty’s imagination, then later with kim, andy and nancy and beginning to connect the dots.

    well, as the song goes: those were the days, my friend.

    Indeed. It’s nice to see more surface on YouTube!

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