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Who doesn't love a good hat?

Who doesn’t love a good hat?

Just wanted to make a quick post to say that I really appreciate the comments people have shared with me on my Beverlee McKinsey tribute from earlier this month.

I’ve always been so in awe of her work, but I’ve been amazed in the last year or so how many people are still mentioning her and her work on GL and AW.

The PS here is that I also wanted to give a mention to Marj Dusay. My adoration of McKinsey’s flawless work isn’t in any way diminishing Dusay’s work as Alexandra.

I’m a big fan of Marj’s body of work, as well (in so many roles – her soap roles alone are amazing) and I thought she really “got” Alex in her initial stints on the show.

In later years, the character went off the rails in subsequent returns, but that was more about some really dumb writing choices for the character.

Marj’s Alex became comic at times, tapping into Marj’s improv beginnings, but where else can you go when everything about the character is contradicted in a storyline?

Alexandra keeping Alan’s son Gus from him after the very cornerstone of her introduction was about Brandon being kept from her? Oh, HELL, no.

There were some things at the end (Alexandra and Cyrus) that humanized her again, and at last she got to go off with Fletcher, around the world.

As for Dusay, she was also one of the GL actors I met during my trip to NYC in 2008, and I’ll always remember spending a crisp, sunny winter afternoon listening to Marj tell me some wonderful stories, as if I was an old friend. It was GLORIOUS.

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