B&B hits it out of the park

Yes, I had some initial concerns about The Bold and the Beautiful’s transgender story, and I still stand by them.

I will always think that the way it was introduced, while undoubtedly ‘soapy,’ hit a few problematic spots.

But the scenes with Maya and her parents – oh, my.

I’m nearly tempted to take back my previous words after seeing this scene.

It is, in any case, beautiful work and a beautiful scene.

I hope this Maya, struggling to tie the loose threads of her life together, integrates with the ambitious Maya we knew before.

I’m hoping for a Maya who is flawed and human, but also someone who is NOT to be trifled with!

And her parents are fascinating. Whether they are sincere – or shady – remains to be seen, but hooray to B&B for not making them one-dimensional talk-tos.

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