Notes on a blog – the second time around

Same as it ever was....except, not.

Same as it ever was….except, not.

It’s been just over a month since I resurrected this blog.

This SO feels like when a favorite character leaves one of our shows…..and then returns five years later.

Everything’s the same, except…it isn’t.

I feel like I’ve been struggling to reclaim my character, as it were!

I still feel like I’m finding my voice, but I know that a lot of the things I’m thinking and the questions I’m asking are taking me away from the remaining four daytime shows. I think I’m really looking to see where we can tell stories next, and where people will hear us. Is that a web series? A new platform, like Netflix/Hulu/AppleTV?

I’m excited by the possibilities ahead, but am also kind of surprised at how little everything has changed since I originally put the blog on ice.

I’m surprised that web series haven’t gained more traction, or found other platforms where they can be shared. The evolution and development of these ideas hasn’t happened as quickly as I think many of us believed. Maybe it was the financial downturn, or possibly that old guard leadership didn’t understand the value of new pathways, but it’s still on a slow burn.

My posts may be even more nerdy and wonky than before. Maybe that’s a reflection of how I’ve changed since my original blog. I went back to school and earned a BA. I became fascinated by academic research into TV and into the ways we represent ourselves, our lives.

Or, if we’re members of minority groups, how the larger majority represents us on screen.

I really haven’t spent as much time on history, or on my old favorites (the P&G shows) as I had intended, but I’ll be doing some more of those types of posts, too.

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