REFRESH: The “audacious” list


Since it’s been quite some time since this blog began, and since there’s a big time gap between posts, I decided to do a weekly “refresh” post to revisit older posts. It will be fun for me to revisit what I said then — and see if I still agree!

For my first Refresh post, I’ll be posting links to my “Audacious” list. This was a list of ten trends, tropes or issues that I thought were hampering daytime’s success.

These posts were created in 2008 when there were still eight soaps; we now have only four remaining network soaps, though web shows are breaking through these barriers.

One: A lack of diversity

Two: As if feminism never happened

Three: Fear the Frankenshow

Four: Not pruning the tree

Five: The fan that knew too much

Six: Bad apples redux

Seven: Tearing apart the tapestry

Eight: Nothing matters in a vacuum

Nine: Supercouples, or soap kryptonite

Ten: Complete loss of identity

I’d love to tell you that a lot has changed here, but I really don’t think that it has.

Since the reboot of this blog, I’ve already touched on Point Number Two with Cady McClain’s role on The Young and the Restless.

And our news feeds have been filled in the last few months with examples of Point Number Six: Bad Apples Redux.

I mentioned Dena Higley in that original 2008 post, and, like a bad penny, she’s back at DAYS for a third go-round.

And of course, we know Chuck Pratt has delivered his special brand of warmth and congeniality to Y&R.

I still think my Point Ten, about the loss of identity as to what a serial is and was, is true, too.

I also still believe in the last paragraph of that post: Soaps aren’t [dead], people. We still tell stories to each other, all over the world. We just need to tell a great story, and respect the history of the story that was passed down to us – as well as the intelligence of the one who’s listening to the tale you’re telling.

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