A Thousand Other Worlds: BACK FROM THE DEAD

I have no line as witty as

I have no line as witty as “Hello, Barbara!” but I am indeed back.

Yes, back from the dead.

What? It’s been five years already. And it IS a sweeps month.


Yes, I’m pulling A Thousand Other Worlds out of mothballs. After a lengthy absence, I still have some things to say, and I’m clearing out the cobwebs so I can post them here.


There are a couple of reasons.

One is that I still have a lot to say, not just about the P&G soaps (which will still be a topic here) and the remaining soaps, but also about some of the serialized TV scattered across broadcast, cable and web.

The second reason is a bit surprising to me.

When I closed up shop, I assumed people wouldn’t be talking about the P&G soaps anymore. After all, As The World Turns was done, P&G was out of the soap business, and that, as they say, was that.

And yet, in 2015, the traffic on my old blog entries here has been going through the roof. I found a message board linking to some of my old discussions that had hundreds of entries – some with amazing levels of detail and passion for the P&G shows.

It’s nice to be able to click the mouse and make a visit to those imagined worlds we all viewed through the analog looking glass years ago. It may be digital or web based today, but no matter the platform, I’ve always been all about the STORY.

Who are these people, why are they doing what they’re doing, and what happens next?

So pull up a chair, and let’s talk about the story — and the storytellers.

A special shout out and thanks to Roger Newcomb, who published a few of my essays on We Love Soaps over the last year or so. WLS is the gold standard for talking about soaps, and I was proud to have been featured on the site. 

EDITED 5/4/2015 to add: Please forgive the dust, so to speak, as I brush off the cobwebs of this blog. Some of the WordPress menus and presets have changed (blogrolls have disappeared) so I’ll be tweaking and rebuilding a bit over the next days and weeks. 

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