Welcome to the archives

Hi there!

You may be checking out this site for the first time as a reader of Survival of the Soap Opera. I blogged about soaps for several years and am a contributing writer to that book of essays.

Because my blog primarily focused on the P&G soaps – As The World Turns and Guiding Light – I concluded this blog back in September of 2010. There simply wasn’t enough content to continue on a regular basis.

But please take a look at the archives, which reach back to 2008. You can also see some of my soap-related work on the Marlena DeLacroix Web site.

And for my non-soap writing, you can check out my blog Elegy and Irony, or my profile on the writers’ social media community Red Room.

One thought on “Welcome to the archives

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see this post, and am thrilled to know that you contributed to that book (I haven’t received my copy yet).

    I miss this blog, but continue to enjoy reading your other.

    Happy holidays!


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