The pillars of Oakdale

I could probably have gone on for weeks talking about every last As The World Turns character and paying them tribute.

But one more day, folks. One more day. *sigh*

I cannot imagine As The World Turns having existed without Don Hastings and Larry Bryggman, though it did: Hastings joined in 1960 and Bryggman nine years later.

I don’t know what other superlative I can add to the list for Larry Bryggman. He was, and is, to ATWT what Michael Zaslow was to Guiding Light: an enormously talented, oft-awarded Broadway trained actor, playing the hell out of a delicious character with shades of gray AND black – and a heart and soul.

I would love to tell you about a John Dixon storyline that didn’t work……..If I ever think about what that story is? I’ll let you know.

And then there’s Doctor Bob. As I said when the cancellation was announced: I kinda wished for a second or two in high school that I had Bob and Kim as my parents.

Bob may have been a pillar of Oakdale, and his early years may have been spent as The Guy In The White Coat fighting his impetuous ex Lisa, and that dark horse Johnny D. But his love for Kim was never in doubt.

Bob may have seemed perfect, but there were plenty of times we saw how imperfect he really was – when he slept with Susan, for example. And as much as I hated that so many stories of late for Bob and Kim were about health issues, Hastings has really added a new dimension to Bob in this final season, playing Bob’s confusion (the famous ice cream scene) and his continued drive to work.

I read the fantastic Colleen Zenk interview at We Love Soaps and I’ve been thinking about all of the people who worked on ATWT. I think more than anything today and tomorrow, my heart is aching for the many hundreds of people who worked for this production, in front of AND behind the scenes.

Whether a show lasts 4 weeks or fifty-four years, it’s always saddest to see the faces of the people who loved, so much, to put on a show, and understand how that moment is slipping away forever.

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