Quick notes

I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed with the episodes of As The World Turns this week (still holding out hope for the finale) but today (Thursday’s) penultimate episode had some bright spots.

And Jon Hensley? Broke my heart when he started to sob during his dialogue. Hensley has long been an unsung, under-appreciated talent in this cast.

Let’s be honest (as Hensley himself was in this recent TVGuide Canada interview): when Hensley was first cast as Holden, he was cast in part because of how good he looked in tight jeans.

He’s grown so much as an actor it would be a challenge to even quantify it. He’s been turning in nuanced, subtle performances for years. He soared during the Luke-coming-out story, playing a perfect mix of unconditional love and straight-guy-discomfort-with-the-subject-matter.

And he’s grounded his clan during some of the more ridiculous twists and turns over the last few years (eg, Lily and Damian pt II).

If you haven’t seen these scenes (at the end of Thursday’s air show) check them out. Beautiful scenes with Holden and Lily, with nice work by Noelle Beck as well.

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