Just to be clear….

So, just to be clear, ATWT……with precious few episodes left….

The funeral for a character that was beloved and part of the show for FIFTY FOUR YEARS had to be crammed into a single day of 36 minutes……

But the wedding of your main couple – and the continuing story hog (She Who Shall Not Be Named) coming between that couple – is being dragged out over three days? With silly challenges still coming between them?

Am I understanding that right? Yeah. Thought so.

Yes, of course I’m waving goodbye! Maybe you can’t see it right now as I’m only lifting one finger…..just returning the same greeting being given to us fans!

(Sorry for the snark…..but this is just…..words escape me. It’s bad enough that John hasn’t had scenes with Lisa or Barbara yet, or that Andy didn’t return at any time….but the hits keep on coming.)

2 thoughts on “Just to be clear….

  1. I raise my hands up in defeat over what we’re seeing right now for the final 5 episodes of ATWT.

    As much as folks bitched and complained about Guiding Light only having 6 months to end their 72 year old show, in a proper manner, Ellen Wheeler and her writers at least tried to do right by that show, the actors, the characters and the fans for the final week.

    I’m not sure what was going on in CG’s and JP’s minds. I just don’t understand why some things are so rushed, while others are dragged out as long as possible.

    Also, isn’t it strange that somehow the wedding of CarJack and the birth of Janet’s baby seem to exist in a parallel timeline, in which the deaths of Nancy and Reid AND Chris’ heart transplant are a non-issue for anyone involved in those two storylines?

    Denise, I actually liked most of the end of GL. The only disappointment there is that the last day itself noodled around and was sort of anticlimactic. But they did great in the last few weeks. They may not have had every character we all wanted there, but every single person they COULD address, they did.

    The whole parallel-universe and disconnect in Oakdale….well, that’s been the whole show for the last 10 years or so. Disconnected and jarringly so.

  2. Amen, amen, and amen!

    I’ve barely watched the show this week at all. I will have to watch the final episode online, as I have no way to record it and won’t be able to watch it at 2:00 p.m. I’m not even upset about it.

    I feel as if we’ve been watching the last few months, and especially the last few weeks, are all the reasons that ATWT lost viewers: Katie, Katie, and more Katie; new or newish characters hogging screen time; characters functioning on little story islands with no connection to other people, events, or stories; story points left hanging (Casey/Vienna, Chris and Katie changing medical records); and so on. Sigh.

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