Springfield notes

I’ll have more thoughts on As The World Turns this weekend, but I wanted to mention two quick items on some Guiding Light alumni.

Next week sees the release of Changing Shoes, the book by Tina Sloan (Lillian) that’s based on her one-woman show.

I’m looking forward to reading the book, and will also be in the audience when Tina’s show plays Cincinnati on October 18th; I’ll have a summary of the show here then.

Tina was one of the GL stars I met when “the bloggers” journeyed to NYC for our set visit.

She made quite an impression, coming over to talk to us in full-on curlers. She still looked beautiful, and the warmth and humor we’ve seen in a lot of interviews with Tina (as well as the pieces she’s written for HuffPo and the New York Times) shone through.

And though this isn’t quite new news, I”m curious to see how Kim Zimmer returning to One Life to Live as Echo DiSavoy will fare. At first, my reaction was: Really? Doesn’t OLTL already have fifty set players?

But the more I think about it, the more it sounds promising. It sounds like much of her story will be with Clint (aka Ross Marler, or Jerry ver Dorn).

She’ll be in the orbit of Viki and Charlie and…..Dorian! Strasser and Zimmer in the same room. THAT alone could be worth the price of admission.

Also, Echo was only a part of the show in her original run for just shy of a year. And that year was 32 years ago. So that’s definitely something that’s open for reinvention.

I hope OLTL doesn’t fall into any of the easy traps for storytelling for Zimmer: making her Reva II, or an OLTL favorite, making Echo a homicidal lunatic.

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