Two little fishes….

Last year, when Guiding Light went off the air, I made a donation to the church that inspired Irna Phillips to create GL.

As it did in Rev. Preston Bradley’s day, the Peoples Church of Chicago ministers to the people of Chicago. And one of the ways they provide outreach is by feeding the hungry through their food pantry, 2 Lil’Fishes.

I can’t think of a more appropriate way to honor the end of Phillips’ last surviving show than to make a donation in her memory to 2 Lil’Fishes. I’m sure they’d appreciate it, especially in this economy.

For more information on donating, please check out the link to 2 Lil’Fishes here.

You can also support other services that the church provides; for more details click here.

For more details on Preston Bradley, the People’s Church, and Irna Phillips’ creations, click here.

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