Rock on, banana guy

Julianne Moore was on Letterman the other night, and was just as luminous and joyful as when she visited As The World Turns a few months ago.

I have to say this: I want an MP3 of her saying “rock on, banana guy!” You have to see the clip to understand.

And her new movie with Annette Bening looks fantastic. (The clip isn’t included in this YouTube segment.) Can’t wait to see it. Moore, Bening and Mark Ruffalo? Sign me up.

2 thoughts on “Rock on, banana guy

  1. LOL. That interview was great. I’ve heard a lot of really good things about The Kids Are All Right. Too bad I won’t get to see it as nothing but big studio movies are playing in the theatres in my area.

  2. canNOT wait to see her new movie!! i typically don’t care for benning, but this movie looks good, love moore & ruffalo, i’m all in on this one!! now you have me curious to look for the clip!! (hulu maybe?)

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