A new kind of light

Thursday is the day that the new Digest and Weekly hit the newsstands, and I’m usually there snapping them up so I can read the latest.

Usually, I read something that has me scratching my head – or screaming, “what the hell?” But I read something in Digest that is the BEST thing I’ve heard in a while.

From Digest:

Nine Springfield alumni, including Grant Aleksander, Beth Chamberlin, Fiona Hutchinson, Tina Sloan, Ron Raines, former Head Writer Jill Lorie Hurst, and three former GL producers have joined forces to found a new production company.

The company is called 9after7 Productions, and will be filming La Lumiere, a DVD movie, beginning next month.

I’m super excited about this, not only because I really respect all of these actors and loved their performances on GL so much, but particularly because Jill Lorie Hurst is involved. I don’t think Jill  has gotten nearly enough credit for the warmth and strength her writing lent to GL in its final months. I’m excited to see what else will flow from Jill’s pen!

Like Venice, La Lumiere will be financed principally from pre-sales of the show itself. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens – and seeing these folks again, whether it’s TV, DVD or HD!

To check out 9after7, click here. Their new website, New Kind of Light, will be launching next week.

4 thoughts on “A new kind of light

  1. Oh, Patrick, I love GL as much as you do. I went to a So Long Springfield event in my homestate of CT and I was fortunate enough to meet BC.

    After waiting in line for an hour to see Michael O’Leary, Grant Aleksander and Beth Chamberlain, the people in charge said that we had to hurry along because the line was so long. Specifically, they said no talking to or hugging the actors. The actors didn’t seem to like that either.

    Afterwards, outside the area (event was in a casino with a shopping area) my mothewr and I decided to get a coffee. I turned around and was surprised to see Beth waiting in line behind us. I asked her if we can have hugs because we weren’t allowed to get them before. She gave us hugs and told us and another group of fans where to find Steamboat online. She was gracious and friendly and very classy – thought I’d share!

  2. I thought I was the only one who did that in the supermarket aisle. From remarks that were being tweeted I figured it was something like this, hopefully I will enjoy it and that it is a successful venture for those involved in its creation.

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