Six months later….

It was six months ago today that Guiding Light aired its last episode.

I’m still sad that it’s gone, and that so many people I like and respect aren’t working anymore.

Since GL’s last episode, our worst fears about As The World Turns have come true, and ABC’s One Life to Live also seems to be, if not in serious trouble, showing signs of distress.

I’ll be just as sad when ATWT goes, but as wonderful as ATWT is, I miss GL’s strength: heart. Even in its darkest hours, it had more warmth and heart than any other show.

It’s sad that ATWT made so many of the same mistakes as GL (waiting until it was too late to fix problems).

Do you still miss GL? Have you been to a “So Long Springfield” event? Are you still in denial about its cancellation?

And have you been following the continuation of GL on Mindy Lewis’ Twitter page? There have been some interesting twists and turns there; whoever’s responsible for tweeting (for Mindy, of course) has a clear understanding of the history of GL and those characters. Wish they’d have been around a few years ago!

None of those changes the fact that GL and ATWT are (or will be) past tense. We may not be able to change the ending, but I’m hoping to continue to shine a light on the rich history of these shows in the months to come.

5 thoughts on “Six months later….

  1. I was at the SLS in CT, Patrick. It was over $1000 for me to go and a round trip of 750 miles, but was worth it. 🙂 Still haven’t posted any pictures or written about it on my blog. It seems like a weird dream that didn’t happen, but then I see my camera or my tickets and think OMH I was there.

  2. Yes, I still miss Guiding Light. I watched a great of soap operas, but GL was special. It has taken awhile,but I can now fondly look back and joyfully remember my time in Springfield.

  3. I hadn’t watched GL since the days of Roger and Jenna (boo! hiss!–Holly, punch this tramp outta town!).

    As you can tell, I was not impressed with matching up Jenna and Roger (and Harley’s departure + more annoying plots/characters), and it ticked me off so much at a time when I’d just started an extremely demanding job that i stopped watching. I simply didn’t have time to watch something that made me mad. I never went back, even though I’d think about picking up the show again. But I never had time anymore.

    Still, it was with regret that I heard about the cancellation. I couldn’t believe it, and i still don’t.

    I literally grew up watching this show (I can remember when Ed was played by Robert Gentry!), and my grandmother had listened to it on the radio. I knew all its twists and turns, had so many memories of Bauer BBQs and Roger’s shenanigans, of character I had loved and loved to hate, that I still retained a fond affection for it, and thought it would always be there to come back to, when I had more time in my life.

    But it’s not.

    I still can’t believe it’s not on anymore.

  4. I was at the CT event, too. Great memories! Met Beth C. in the coffee shop and had a whole conversation with her. The people at the event wanted to hurry through the line and they told us we could take pictures but couldn’t hug the actors. Saw Beth after that and asked her for a hug, and she obliged! Gave us info about Steamboat. Great lady. RIP GL, my friend.

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