Sharing our stories

A full new post is coming to this space soon, but I wanted to point your attention to my other blog, Elegy and Irony.

I’ve posted a book review of the great new book The Kids are All Right, which is the story of Ann Williams’ family.

Williams was a veteran soap star who is perhaps best known as Maggie from The Doctors and also appeared on Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow and Loving.

It’s a captivating story, and also has elements of the parts of classic soap opera that many of us miss:

Characters (real ones) to root for. A few villains.

A loving family, challenged by the circumstances of their lives.

And a story told from many, many points of view, with a long arc and a satisfying ending.

If you haven’t read The Kids are All Right, please do so as soon as you can – it’s an amazing book and a very captivating read. You can read more about it here.

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