Can wishes really come true?

When I first learned that As The World Turns was getting the ax, I made a very, very short list of things I’d love to see.

On that list were a few doable ideas, and one that I thought was (based on budget restrictions) largely wishful thinking: that Julianne Moore might make a visit to ATWT before the show ended.

So imagine my surprise when I read the headline on Entertainment Weekly’s Website: “Julianne Moore on As The World Turns?”

OMG! Sorry. Didn’t mean to scream so loudly! Here’s what EW had to say:

The soon-to-be-history As The World Turns may be one of the least-watched soap operas in daytime TV but it’s looking to go out with a bang: Sources confirm to EW exclusively that the CBS sudser is in serious talks with Julianne Moore (A Single Man) to reprise her role (roles?) as Frannie and Sabrina Hughes.

The Oscar-nominated actress got her start on ATWT in 1985 by playing the half-sisters – a depiction that earned her a Daytime Emmy in 1988, the year she left the show.

It’s unclear how Moore will be woven into the final episodes of the drama, which will end its 54-year-run in September, but it’s not expected to be a significant appearance. CBS declined to comment.

It may not be significant in terms of time, but even a few scenes would be very significant for us long-time fans. I’ve mentioned my great love for Marland-era ATWT, and the Frannie/Sabrina story in particular, so I really hope this happens. (Yes, Mr. Goutman, I’m talking to you. Please make this happen.)

Edited to add: Here’s a video interview from today’s New York Times, and an accompanying article here.

3 thoughts on “Can wishes really come true?

  1. I know Noelle Beck may have had a hand in this, and I am really happy Julianne Moore is so classy as to do this, but any ending without Scott Bryce and Martha Byrne in their Marland-era roles and two other people playing them, no matter how good they may be, just won’t cut it.

    Julianne has stayed in contact with Kathyrn Hays over the years as well, so there may have been multiple cast members who urged Moore or Goutman to make this happen.

    I don’t think Scott or Martha are coming back, unfortunately. I actually like Jon Lindstrom as Craig more than I ever thought I would, but I agree on Martha. ATWT minus Martha will feel like something’s missing, just like GL did without Beth Ehlers.

  2. I almost said like GL missed Ross and Harley at the end! (but didn’t want to muddy the point since what was keeping them away was different)

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