Rolling on the river….

Tears are running down my face and my sides are sore from laughing.


What am I talking about? The Most Loved Soap Ever, of course: Steamboat.

Edited to add: What, you were surprised I’d be all over this? It’s a whole lot of GL stars being hysterically funny. Michael Park is a riot. The Lactene bit is a fantastic spoof on P&G’s ad intros. And anyone who doesn’t know the inspiration for Rhonda (Kim Zimmer’s character) hasn’t been paying attention. (Note to Kim Zimmer: Can’t WAIT for your memoirs!)

I haven’t hooked into many other Web soaps yet, basically because a soap takes time to build. But the fact that this is a spoof? Hooks me right away. The creative team (Michael O’Leary and Scott Bryce leading the way) have decades of soap experience between them, and they get it – right down to the title: steamboats are grand old slices of Americana that have been…..rendered obsolete.

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