Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone’s having a great Thanksgiving! It’s all about being with family – which gives me an excuse to post these as a reminder.

A clip from Guiding Light, with a sea of familiar faces (including one who came into our homes for almost 50 years, Mary Stuart):

From As The World Turns. That Hubbard squash is gonna get it.

I’ve posted this before, but who doesn’t want to catch another glimpse of Another World’s Mac and Rachel Cory (and crazy Aunt Liz)?

No Thanksgiving remembrance could be complete without a visit to the Quartermaines.

And at the risk of being a nag, I really hope you can send some of the warmth you’re feeling today into the lives of others. To honor GL and ATWT’s creator, I made a contribution to a local food pantry run by the church that inspired GL. I hope you’ll consider making a contribution too (read my earlier post for more details).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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