All that we send into the lives of others

More snide sarcasm coming soon. We interrupt today’s broadcast for this special announcement…..

When Guiding Light ended in September, I shared some of the local Chicago points of interest that were part of Irna Phillips’ life, and of GL’s beginnings.

Around the same time, I was lucky to be one of the people who landed a new job after months of post-layoff unemployment. As I’d promised in September, I sent a donation to the same church that Phillips found comfort in during a rough time – the one that eventually inspired her to create GL.

I’m hoping to inspire GL fans, as well as ATWT fans and fans of other Phillips creations, to donate to 2 Li’l Fishes, the church’s food pantry. And to make it fun, I’m recommending that you do what I did – donate an amount equal to the number of years you’ve been watching.

I’d love to have you post in the comments here the number of years and dollars you donated! It’s a great way to honor something that entertained me for so many years, and to speak to the message that we directly affect the lives of others every day – that our actions speak louder than words and dialogue.

The Web site for 2 Li’l Fishes, which includes their mailing address, can be found here.

2 thoughts on “All that we send into the lives of others

  1. Wow!

    This is SUCH a great idea! I just turned 40 — even though I didn’t start my love affair with GL at birth (close!) I am going to base my donation on that number.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Patrick!

  2. My earliest memory of GL was the death of Kit Vested. According to, Nancy Addison (Kit) left GL in 1974 (which would have made me 6 years old at the time!). So, 35 it is for me! Great, great idea!!

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