Behind the curtain at Oz

A phone call reminded of something this morning, and it’s been on my mind since.

As you watch today’s final Guiding Light episode, remember that in addition to the cast of characters you saw on your screen every day, there were many, many people behind the curtain at Oz.

We may not have always agreed 100% with their ideas or decisions, but these actors, writers, directors, producers and administrative folks worked very hard and were very invested in making GL be the best it could be, every day.

Invested, folks. Deeply, deeply invested in the show, and its survival.

There are a lot of people who lost their jobs and their livelihoods, as well as the joy of working on a project that they loved. They’re on my mind today.

3 thoughts on “Behind the curtain at Oz

  1. I was SO hoping that we would see a “Christmas episode” ending where the whole GL cast and CREW waved to the camera. maybe while HOLD ON TO LOVE was playing. Ah, missed opportunities. Did you catch Kim Zimmer kissing the cheek of one of the crew members on 60 MINUTES? She seemed quite emotional. It is really goodbye forever for many of these people, not just for us.

    Ant, I agree with you. I was, in general, pleased with the show’s wrap-up as a whole, if you considered the wrap up the entire last week. The last day seemed so rushed and really didn’t have a huge impact for me outside of Josh/Reva.

    I would have liked something in the last few minutes that really drew a line in the sand. A literal light going out, or the cameras pulling away from the stages, or something.

  2. I was surprised they didn’t use the footage that ended many tributes in the news with someone saying its a wrap and the waving group in front of the show house from a distance. I would have liked a shot with the text Guiding Light 1937-2009 before it said the end.

    I do feel for those who lost their jobs, especially in this economy. With GL no longer in production, and AMC moving to California, there are even less opportunities in the entertainment industry to be had in the NYC area.

  3. The friendship lamp should have gone dark in Reva’s window, since the show decided to resurrect that concept for Jeffrey in the final months.

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