Steel magnolia

If you’re a Guiding Light or Texas fan, you MUST check out Brandon’s Buzz, the BlogTalkRadio show, for the interview with actress, writer and former Miss Alabama Pamela K. Long.

She’s been laying low for a while out of the eye of the press – believe me, because I tried to contact her myself via several channels!

I’m listening to the show now and laughing my ass off. I can hear so many of the voices from 80s GL – including Reva Shayne, of course – in Long’s voice.

Just listening to her is proof of her storytelling capabilities, as you’ll hear. Pam should definitely come out of the shadows more often!

One of my favorite comments she’s made tonight is talking about when she’d heard that GL decided to kill off Sarah Shayne. Pam was funny, but completely on point, at saying that plot twist was a stupid thing to do “to have something happen on a Friday.”

Far too many irrevocable plots have been launched and implemented for no better reason than to have something to watch on a Friday; there needs to be FAR more to it than that to make a difference.

3 thoughts on “Steel magnolia

  1. Dang!!! I wish I knew she was going to be on, I would’ve called in. Sigh.

    I tried to call in, Jennifer….but Brandon doesn’t ever take calls.

  2. The really dumb thing about killing off Sarah Shayne is that Audrey Peters was still willing and able to work, as far as I know. Then, before too long, William Roerick and Larry Gates died, leaving GL without its older and wiser generation. Could have been avoided.

    Kind of like taking Marj Dusay and Jerry ver Dorn (at different times) off contract and assuming “well, where are they gonna go?” and then having them get snapped right up for contract roles on other shows.

    I’d like to say that we’d have had more years of GL is Pam Long had been rehired but with all the interference from up top who knows if that’s true.

  3. Hey Patrick, thanks for listening to and publicizing my interview with Pam Long. It took a great deal of detective work to track her down — she is WELL hidden! — but I had a great time chatting with her.

    I wish I had known that you were on the line waiting; I would have brought you on the air in a heartbeat! The reason I don’t take many calls is that my switchboard only displays area codes, and there is no call screener, so unless you know someone is calling in from a specific area, you never really know who you’re bringing on the air. I’m not keen on throwing the fate of my show up in the air and just seeing where it will land. The show is called Brandon’s Buzz for a reason, after all!

    (Next time, let me know via Facebook or email, and I’ll know that you’ll be on the line!)

    Thanks again for writing this! For those who have yet to hear the interview, you can find it at

    Thanks Brandon! I know you’ve discussed the not-taking-calls before and I hope that my reply to Jennifer didn’t seem snarky – I was just being matter of fact. I totally get your point – it’s easier to keep the show focused when you don’t have to manage a symphony of voices!

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