The press-shy curmudgeon

Another great Guiding Light article today from Michael Logan, who managed the impossible: he got Justin Deas, who loathes interviews, to sit down for one.

Justin was born in southwestern Pennsylvania, not far from where I was, and his interview sounds so much like the guys I know, the guys I grew up around there. Those guys were working-class Joes, who worked hard and did a good job. They were also no-nonsense guys who didn’t take themselves or their work too seriously, and who had a low tolerance for drama and bullshit.

I have some mixed feelings about the Coopers – I wasn’t always thrilled with the emphasis on this family, especially when it came at the expense of an emphasis on the already-existing Bauers and Reardons – but Justin Deas was always captivating as Buzz, even when the role Buzz filled on the show changed dramatically over time.

Deas shares his thoughts on the show’s ending – as a fan, I’m loving how the Buzz/Lillian romance has ended up.

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