Springfield special

4513_1_21286Soaps.com is reporting that the 60 Minutes profile on Guiding Light is schedule to air September 13th.

(At least, I think that’s what the site is saying; it says both September 13th and September 20th on the same page.)

I was expecting 60 Minutes to wait until the launch of the new season (September 27th) to air new material, but the 13th would be fitting, since it kicks off the last week of GL. Morley Safer will apparently be presenting the piece; he was in attendance when GL filmed the last Bauer Barbeque in June.

One thought on “Springfield special

  1. 60 Minutes has been airing new material sporadically all summer. Last week they had that special Michael Vick exclusive interview, and this week they are doing something to honor Don Hewitt as he just passed away. Showing the GL related segment before the finale IMO is a good thing a people who may have turned off the show. Seeing it on 60 Minutes may make someone interested in watching the end.

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