So long, Springfield

pittsburg_inside_02You know I’ve mentioned before in this blog that my hometown, Pittsburgh, has always been a big Guiding Light town.

It remains a popular show in terms of fan response (although unfortunately, the Save The Light Rally in Pittsburgh had a total attendance of one).

So it wasn’t a huge surprise to learn that Pittsburgh will be home to a going away part for GL. The event, “So Long Springfield,” will be in Pittsburgh on October 24th. More details are here on the Web site for the event.pittsburgh

I’m hoping to be there to see some of GL’s biggest stars (including Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman and Gina Tognoni, to name just a few).

And if you’re unsure about the ticket prices ($75 for morning or evening sessions and $140 for the day), keep in mind that a portion of the proceeds will be going to a Pittsburgh area charity (Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation).

4 thoughts on “So long, Springfield

  1. I grew up in Pittsburgh watching GL. My grandmother used to listen to the show on radio. I can’t believe it is ending. I wish I could join y’all for this event.

  2. so, if you don’t mind me asking, why is pittsburgh such a huge GL town? i never knew that before, very interesting!! are you going to so long springfield? i’m going to try to go if they come close to me, pitts was sold out by the time i found out about the event, and atl is too far for me.

    SoapFan, I have no exact, scientific data as to why Pittsburgh was such a big GL town, but I’ll share my observations.

    One, Pittsburgh is a very traditional town. It’s very resistant to change. Advertisers and marketers often use it as a test market; their thinking is that if Pittsburghers like a product, it will do well ANYWHERE!

    I also think that part of it is that KDKA, the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, was THE Pittsburgh television station for a long time, and had a dominating share of the audience. (KDKA radio is still on 1020AM and still audible across much of the United States and Canada.)

    And I seem to remember that for a very long time, from the 70s and during and past the Luke and Laura days, General Hospital ran in Pittsburgh at 9 am. So GL (then at 3 pm) had significantly less competition during many of those years.

  3. Ha!! That’s great info….interesting!! So, how did the event go off? I’m still hoping they make it out my way. I heard about adding Las Vegas after they stop in Atlanta, that’s very exciting!! I think Vegas will probably be huge! Don’t you?

  4. Did you hear the big announcements for Atlanta & Vegas?? Tom Pelphrey (who made a surprise appearance in Pitts), is confirmed for Atlanta & Justin Deas for Las Vegas. very exciting!!

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