Other rooms, other voices

There’s been some great reading material in the soap blogosphere (and mag-o-sphere) lately:

  • Damon Jacobs’ amazing interviews with Patsy Pease and (gasp!) Harding Lemay at We Love Soaps.
  • Mala Bhattacharjee’s column in Soap Opera Weekly is consistently great, but I really loved her most recent column, a defense of Frank Cooper (the Charlie Brown of the soap world).
  • Some intense debates, particularly about the ABC soaps, over at Marlena Delacroix’s site.
  • Lynn Liccardo, consistently working hard to put it all into context.
  • And news from the front line at Daytime Confidential. They broke the shocking news that ABC was moving All My Children to the West Coast.

We’ve also had the treat of reading Mimi Torchin again as part of Nelson Branco’s Monday column, The Soapgeist. Mimi’s covering the last days of Guiding Light, and has done so beautifully. It’s a joy to see Mimi’s work again; her interview with Maureen Garrett (GL’s Holly) was one of the most honest and direct interviews I’ve seen all year.

And today, you’ll see another guest star on The Soapgeist: me!

You can click here to see my humorous comments on Oakdale and As The World Turns, and my cure for what ails it. (Hint: If you’ve watched Cinemax after midnight, you’ll know what it is.)

Of course, you can always see Nelson’s very quotable work at TVGuide Canada, where his bi-weekly column runs.

One thought on “Other rooms, other voices

  1. Patrick, I was very happy to see you contributing to The Soapgeist.

    However, I’m not sure that ATWT is lacking in the libido department.

    Maybe it depends on when you watch, but I seem to catch Luke and Noah in lip smackers more often than not. While there is no real lovemaking, they certainly are affectionate.

    Lord knows Meg lacks nothing in the sex department. She hops in the sack with whoever her “hero” of the moment is. Haven’t we seen her literally scheduling men? Dusty on Tuesday…Paul on Thursday…Damian next week…

    And it may have been a few months ago, but Katie and Brad, and Henry and Vienna, were busier than Snickers and a friend when all were trying to conceive children. Trust me, ATWT was busier than Obama trying to raise his public approval ratings.

    We can always count on Emily and Paul to act inappropriately. And many of the other characters are without or “between” couplings, like Craig, Rosanna, Hunter, Riley, Teri, the missing Jade, and so on.

    However, some conjugal visits between the MARRIED characters would not be amiss. Holden, all Lily really needs to get over Damian–again–is to be properly…uh, LOVED. Tom, wouldn’t some sack time get Margo’s mind off her son/obsession, Riley/Adam? And Jack–if you’re not making love to the voluptuous Janet every night–you’re a fool. Actually, we knew that, right?

    Hey, Patrick, how about a follow-up column about HOW LUDICROUS it is to give James Stenbeck ANOTHER illegitimate son? And aren’t they all about the same age, living or dead? Paul, David, Jordan, now Henry! This is the LAST thing I wanted for Henry’s character! Like the dayplayer serial killer sister a few years back wasn’t enough…why not just rewrite ATWT history and make DUSTY the spawn of Stenbeck, instead of “the true Stenbeck heir,” and be done with it? Or do you care for this plot twist?

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