ATWT: Now is the time

Soap Maiden of Death #1 - Nina Tassler

Soap Maiden of Death #1 - Nina Tassler

It was only a few months ago that we learned that Guiding Light was being dropped by CBS. Remember? Remember how we learned from the trade magazines a few days before the Big April Fool’s Joke That Wasn’t A Joke that the axe was falling?

Well, CBS is being gracious and polite. Nina Tassler –  a veritable Grim Reaper of the Soaps – told a group at the Television Critics Association presentations this week that quitting GL didn’t quite satiate her appetite for blood, so CBS is looking at As The World Turns “very carefully.”

Please. We know that this means CBS is getting ready to cancel World Turns.

The difference is this: We know they’re serious about this and there are still several months before ATWT is next up for renewal.

The GL petitions and letters may have come too little too late, but I think if people think there’s still life in ATWT, the time to mobilize, write letters and generally stir up some shit is NOW. Alternately, it may be wise to write Telenext and encourage them to find new platforms for Oakdale (and their ad dollars) to continue to live on. I can see it now: Operation Oakdale.

Soap Maiden of Death #2 - Barbara Bloom

Soap Maiden of Death #2 - Barbara Bloom

But this raises a lot of questions.

Is it worth it? Would these cries fall on deaf ears at CBS? Does Telenext want to stay in the soap business?

And is the story that Irna Phillips created worth saving in its present form?

I’m not sure I have the answer. But I know NOW is the time fans should consider those questions.

3 thoughts on “ATWT: Now is the time

  1. This is so depressing 😦 When ATWT was renewed for only a year, I started watching it again – just to show some support. By honestly, it was so painful to watch, I soon quit.

    But I guess the first step is to start watching it again (though, since I’m not a Nielsen Household, that’s really just a symbolic gesture).

    And I think I’ll check out some ATWT fansites to see if they’ve got any campaigns going. I just wonder if there’s any hope??

  2. As you noted on a Deep Soap article related to AMC’s move west , CBS has hinted that ATWT is done …Well , I’d say , unfortunately , it is just a matter of time . Start sending out your resumes …. It’s a really great show but telemedia/P&G don’t seem to care .
    The new show logo , all in lower case, is a tip off ….From upper case to lower case to empty space. They may be angling to bring it online but i am doubtful that would work. maybe I’m wrong. If they moved to cable , maybe …

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