A groovy list, and naughty Nola

ivaMy friend Marc Harshberger and his blog Deep Dish are featuring a list of Guiding Light’s finest over the next few months. Since Marc’s mind lives in a mod pod from the year 1967, this is a list of “groovy guys and gals!”

The first familiar face he’s featuring on the list? None other than Nola Reardon herself.

To check out the entry, take a look at Deep Dish and let Marc know what you think!

Also, if you haven’t already been checking it out, be sure you read Jennifer Gibbons’ blog over at RedRoom, the literary website. Jennifer’s been posting several entries under the umbrella “The Guiding Light Project.” In addition to featuring some of my posts from this blog, she’s also posted her own writing and the work of others, like Lana Nieves.

One thought on “A groovy list, and naughty Nola

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Patrick, you’re a sweetheart. I almost called my GL list, “The 25 Most Fascinating People of GL”–sort of Barbara Walterish–but I finally had to go with “Groovy Guys and Gals” since that is my regular modus operandi.

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