Deja vu: From Springfield to Pine Valley

I’m wondering if All My Children’s head writer Chuck Pratt has been watching old clips of Guiding Light for inspiration?

The first parallel I noticed was the dueling Crazy Annie stories. Melissa Claire Egan has been doing great work as Pine Valley’s Annie, but I still miss Cynthia Watros’ bravura performance as “that mutton woman” Annie Dutton.

In 1997, Annie paired up with power-hungry Alan. Their scheming (against Reva) turned to a full-fledged romance. 2009’s Annie story is quite similar.

I just saw a promo on ABC that is incredibly similar to that one.

Stay in a mental institution? Check. Shared need for revenge? Check. And both Annies latched on to the town meanie to further their agendas. Just change “Alan” to “Adam” and, wa-la!

Erica’s pending romance is being promoted as revolutionary and new, but it’s hardly a new twist for daytime. It’s not even the only cougarly romance on the air right now (Jackie and Owen at B&B have that honor).

One of the first romances to fall under the “cougar” category (and not be played for laughs or a joke) was the Matt and Vanessa pairing on GL. There’s a few parallels there, too – including the fact that Matt and Ryan will have had, ahem, “relations” with a mother and daughter.

GLBridgetNadine1992LAnd Liza’s baby belly reminded me of Nadine faking her pregnancy and passing Bridget’s baby off as her own. (And yes, this is a perfect time for me to add a snarky comment about how pissed off I am that GL missed an opportunity to show us a grown-up Peter Reardon.)

I’m joking about Pratt copying these ideas directly from GL, but this does underscore how unoriginal and recycled most of the ideas are over at AMC these days. Amanda is supposed to be the heroine of the show, but telling a man that his baby is dead – particularly after he has lost the other two children he has – is almost a direct copy of the Babe/Bianca story from a few years back. If the intention was to make the audience hate Amanda, AMC is off to a running start.

These stories are supposed to make a big splash. But murdering the sweetest character on the canvas, and putting nearly every baby on the canvas in jeopardy is hardly must see TV. Sadly, little else is worth watching.

It’s sad when the biggest chunk of positive discussion online about AMC has been whether one of the actors was the subject of a recent blind item making the rounds on the Internet (about said performer’s Dirk Diggleresque qualities). When you have people paying more attention to those details and not to the story playing out, then you’re in big, BIG trouble. (No pun intended.)

3 thoughts on “Deja vu: From Springfield to Pine Valley

  1. LOL, I have often seen the similarities between the stories on AMC and GL. AMC is not on my must watch list, but I will not argue that Alan and Adam have often shared some very similar storylines!!!!!!

  2. I didn’t care for Matt and Vanessa the Contessa, but you reminded me of ANOTHER WORLD’s Matt and Donna, who were a wonderfully-matched May/December pair, broken up way too soon so Donna could have another go-round with Michael. Matt never sparkled with anyone the way he did with Donna, and vice-versa. Michael always reined Donna in too much, similar to Josh’s handling of Reva on GL.

    This isn’t Erica’s first relationship with a younger man…just the youngest man so far. I always thought David was way too young for her too. What part does Susan Lucci play in all this? We know how old she is, even if she doesn’t. The 80s are over, Susan. I don’t even watch AMC for Erica anymore.

  3. I’ll be the first to admit I really enjoyed Annie with Aidan, and I’m not thrilled over the Adam development as I’d prefer a story in which Annie uses Adam to get what she wants instead of something like Adam and Gloria Marsh, if anyone recalls that AMC story. I tend to like Adam more with women closer to his age like Erica or Brooke, or with his kids or RIP Stuart.

    Years ago, Erica was with Charlie Brent who was a lot younger. I think Erica/Ryan got traction in the outside press due to it being Cam and Susan due to how non-soap viewers know them both via Dancing with the Stars. The age difference doesn’t bother me a bit, but poor Spike. He’ll have a lot to deal with just having that name, but hopefully he won’t be old enough to realize his Dad is with his mom’s mother as Erica isn’t called a grandma.

    Patrick, like you still pissed over them never letting us meet a grown up Peter.

    I still like Amanda, because at least she has remorse over this whole mess. I wanted her to fight with David instead of doing the cowardly thing and fake the death of her child.

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