Boldly going where no soap dares to go?

bblogoI’ve been a big advocate of shrinking our soaps back to half-hour shows. I think it’s a better fit for a number of reasons, and would (if done properly) allow space for new shows to grow.

And since I’m more and more convinced that the future of soaps don’t include a home on the networks, half-hour shows would be easier to pitch and land on another network or platform.

But if that seems to be the sensible approach, why do my instincts keep telling me that The Bold and the Beautiful may expand to an hour?

I have no inside intel on this; it’s strictly a hunch. But in the last several months, B&B added two actors to its roster (Don Diamont and Rick Hearst) and is reportedly mulling other returns.

It may not happen, but I’m not going to be surprised if it’s announced later this summer (and before September 18th, when Guiding Light goes off the air).

2 thoughts on “Boldly going where no soap dares to go?

  1. You may have something. I mean, he keeps adding cast members, while some (Lesli Kay! Heather Tom!) are criminally neglected. First Ric Hearst, and now Morgan Fairchild???!!!

    I’d live with one hour IF the show could improve. But seriously, it is now as bad as I have ever seen it. And it has been that way for a while.

    Imagine. The actor playing Ridge Forrester is trying to emote. As an insta-drug-addict. Enabled by his psychiatrist-and-allegedly-reconstructed ex-wife Taylor. And there are hijinks on The Price is Right set. Does this seem like a show that deserves an hour of our time??

  2. They’ve been talking about expanding B&B to an hour for nearly that show’s entire life. Given GL’s departure, this is probably more plausible than it was before, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

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