Hungry for lunch with Kim Zimmer?

the zimThere’s an auction for Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund that’s perfect for Guiding Light fans.

The prize: a chance to have lunch, mingle and gossip with Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis almost-Sampson Spaulding Lewis Cooper Lewis O’Neill herself, GL‘s Kim Zimmer. 

If you’re interested, check out the lunch with Kim link here.

Lauper’s True Colors Summer Online Auctions also includes a chance to meet The West Wing’s Allison Janney, who was hilarious as Ginger on Guiding Light, and bidding on a poster from Lauper’s appearance with Luke and Noah on As The World Turns.  

Other auctions include the cast of 30 Rock, Michael Stipe, Rufus Wainwright and many more actors, singers and performers. To see all of the Summer Online Auctions, click here.

I’m trying to imagine a lunch with Zimmer, Lauper, Stipe and Wainwright. One that 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin (a former co-star and old friend of Zimmer’s) could crash. I think as a fanboy, my head would just explode from the awesomeness in that room!

2 thoughts on “Hungry for lunch with Kim Zimmer?

  1. I was just today talking to someone about The Doctors, and how Kim Zimmer, Kathleen Turner and Alec Baldwin all got their starts there. I was a huge fan. Forget Kim…where do I sing up to go out drinking and carousing with Alec Baldwin? I love that guy.

  2. I interviewed Kim back in 1986 during a celebrity golf tournament. She was a hoot then, and probably even moreso now. Down-to-earth…no “starry” airs (unlike a couple of ATWT stars at the time)…just a pleasure. And OUTSPOKEN! This was right after Reva attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge and was saved by Cain (Jerry Lanning). That pairing didn’t work out, and Reva wound up on the backburner. As part of the interview, I kept asking Kim about other storylines on GL, and her reply always was, “Who cares about that? I WANT MY OWN STORYLINE!” Mind you, this reply was always in good humor and followed by a hearty laugh! I have no chance of winning the auction, but whoever does is gonna have a ball with Zimmer.

    Hey, Ant – I got to talk to Kim last December when I was at the GL studios, and she is a hoot!

    Kim’s a great theatrically trained performer (something I think a lot of people don’t realize) but the thing that I’ve always liked about Kim (and to a degree, Reva) is that she reminds me of people I know. There’s a realness there.

    I remember that story with Cain and the suicide attempt. The suicide story affected me very deeply, and it’s still one of the Reva stories I remember to this day.

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