Big purple dreams turn blue

Absolutely stunning news (courtesy of TVGuide Magazine) hitting the blogosphere: Crystal Chappell is returning to Days of Our Lives as Carly Manning.

I’ve said it before and will say it again: no one would be happier than me if Guiding Light finds a new home.

But the Otalia pairing was one of the biggest assets the show had, and obviously, Chappell’s departure will have an impact on its chances to migrate to a new home or platform. (Chappell briefly talks about some of the behind-the-scenes elements of Otalia in the TVGuide Magazine interview; it sounds like she really wanted to stay or extend Otalia’s run.)

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but it looks more and more unlikely that Springfield will exist anywhere other than our memories (and YouTube) after September 18th.

I’m hoping that Otalia fans (myself included) have a rewarding payoff to the story come September.

6 thoughts on “Big purple dreams turn blue

  1. Patrick, you and I have privately discussed how unlikely a reprieve for GL would be, and speculated that CC would sign with a West Coast soap….so this doesn’t come as a huge shock to me. It saddens me, though: DOOL is unwatchable, and I certainly won’t resume viewing just because of one actor.

    I have to agree that no Otalia is the absolute death knell for GL. Intolerant haters who have resisted this story (I read a particularly hateful post saying the storyline was “preposterous”, that is felt “forced” and that CC and JL had “no chemistry” together!) will have to face the cold, hard fact now: Otalia is one of the only true selling points GL ever had to use as a bargaining chip. There is nothing remarkable enough about any other GL story line or on-screen pairing to make it attractive to another network.

    It’s unfortunate the logical solution wasn’t reached: Olivia, Natalia and Emma relocating to Oakdale to open a new Beacon. This would certainly have breathed some fresh, now life into ATWT. It would have been easy enough to bring GL’s other big asset along for the ride: Kim Hughes runs a TV station, how hard would it have been to have Kim merge with WSPR and bring the wonderful Dinah to Oakdale?

    I agree that Otalia was a big selling point, though I disagree that they are the only one. Unfortunately, GL’s recent creative renaissance didn’t really come until the last few months, and it was too little too late.

    Otalia was the selling point for some networks. But it’s possible (I hate the idea, but it’s possible) that the Otalia content could have scared some of the possible homes away (the more conservative ones, like Hallmark Channel).

    I love your ideas about bringing actors over, but I’m reluctant to see GL characters come to Oakdale. It’s hit or miss to attach existing characters to a new canvas. ATWT did a shitty job with the AW actors, and ended up killing off the one character (Jake) that really worked. The other issue with a move is that a big chunk of the GL actors I’d want to see are over 35, and ATWT already doesn’t utilize the vets they have.

    I love me some Crystal Chappell, but I can only take DAYS in very small doses. Though a CC/Louise Sorel combo might just make me suffer though the Regina George-a-like (Melanie) that’s hogging Salem these days.

  2. This is awesome news. As much as Bo/Hope are the “endgame”, I really enjoyed the Bo/Carly saga. Also, Crystal had chemistry with BOTH Peter Reckell and Robert Kelker-Kelly. The woman just has IT, regardless if it’s (chemistry) with a females, males, children, best friends, arch enemies, lovers, husbands, ex-husbands and budding new sapphic love.

  3. I’m truly sorry for you, and other GL fans, that your long-time “soap home” appears to be dimming its lights for good. We all will walk that path, but I am sorry that it is your “turn” to do so.

    Does this news, released about 3 months before the anticipated ending, help you move to the “acceptance” stage of grieving? I hope so. I hope you can celebrate these final three months from the perspective of joy, not regret.

  4. I’m happy for Crystal Chappell, but this appears to be proof positive that Guiding Light won’t be picked up by another outlet.

    And then there were seven.

  5. But Crystal…DAYS? **sigh** It really IS all about the paycheck, isn’t it? LOL

    Well, when DAYS bites the big one, use your leverage to get cast on Y&R! I wanna watch you!

    I’m seriously afraid that Melanie’s gonna be your nemesis on DAYS…and probably get the best of you in every storyline. Consult the writers!

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