All Liz, all the time

I know that I just mentioned Guiding Light’s Elizabeth Keifer the other day, putting her performance as Blake atop my list of the best recasts in daytime. CClique

After a long period of hibernation on GL, we’re seeing Blake (and Liz) more frequently. (Rumor has it we’ll see even more of Blake as the summer goes on.) 

And a few days ago, I was watching one of the seven million episodes of Will & Grace that Lifetime plays every day. They repeat so many shows, you know, like Will & Grace and Reba and….it would be something if they filled some of that time with ORIGINAL programming, wouldn’t it? Like….a soap opera!

Anyway, I was watching a commercial for an upcoming series, and whose face appeared on-screen? Liz Keifer. It’s all Liz, all the time this week!

The series Liz is featured in is “The Clique,” a limited-run series based on a Gossip Girl-esque young adult series of books by Lisi Harrison. Liz plays Judy Lyons, who’s the mom of Claire Lyons, one of the young girls who are the focus of the show. 

If you’d like to check it out, you can watch it on Lifetime (the network that turned down Guiding Light, ahem*) at 9 pm (EST). And if you missed my interview with Liz, check it out here.

*As Kathy Griffin would say, “Allegedly! Allegedly!”  I don’t have any intel one way or the other – I’m making an educated guess (and reading what’s been said on Lifetime’s message boards by the administrators). 

2 thoughts on “All Liz, all the time

  1. Thanks for the tip. I’ve never understood why Keifer wasn’t one of soaps breakout stars…she has real rangbe and talent, lots of charisma, and she doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter version of every other woman on tv. And, on reading the interview, it seems like she’s a lovely person, to boot.

  2. Patrick, the title you had for this entry cracked me up, I wonder why and no that does not properly describe my soap video tape collection even if I do have recordings of a majority of Liz’s GL episodes. If someone misses the program tonight, the two hour movie is available on DVD. The movie was taped up in New England during the writer’s strike in early 2008.

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