Shameless swooning

The character of Christina on Guiding Light has become a new favorites, and Remy and Christina’s screen time is always a welcome distraction. You may remember me raving about Karla Mosley a few months back, especially after she kicked some butt singing the National Anthem. I met her briefly during my set visit to GL, and even then, Karla just exuded positive energy. 

Well, that appreciation has now turned into a total swoon-worthy crush, because of this awesomeness:

It’s incredibly cool that Karla (and her handsome husband) are out there talking about marriage equality. I have a deep appreciation for anyone who doesn’t HAVE to put their ass on the line, but feels compelled to speak up and do it anyway. Here’s hoping that New York is successful – soon – at reaching that equality. 

Meanwhile, I hope we see more of Karla before September. The recent romantic scene between Remy and Christina left me wanting more. And the scenes with Buzz and Christina’s grandma Loretta made me wish Grams would have been released from the hospital much, much sooner!

2 thoughts on “Shameless swooning

  1. I loved Loretta too! And to think we haven’t seen her again, with Buzz, Christina, or anyone on GL, since those few hilarious yet touching scenes at Company. What missed opportunities to watch fine character actors interact. To me, that’s GL.

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