A staunch character

In fiction, in film and on soaps, the heroines and ingenues are always on the front burner. At best, they’re charming, witty and agreeable; at worst, they’re head-nodding sheep that follow trouble wherever it goes. 

But every once in a while, a strong woman – a staunch woman – breaks the mold. 

Like Little Edie. 

She’s quite a staunch character! (A real-life one, too.) But there are staunch fictional characters as well.

There’s a great post in Jennifer Gibbons’ Guiding Light Project today. This essay was written by Lana Nieves. Lana wrote a fantastic piece talking about two of Guiding Light’s staunchest ladies – Holly Norris Thorpe Lindsey, and Olivia Spencer. 

You must read this essay – I can’t rave about it enough.

And please, come visit Jennifer at RedRoom. If you’re not a member there, you should be! You can join Jennifer’s Guiding Light project, read Lynn Liccardo’s thoughtful posts, and if you start your own RedRoom profile, you can post your own blog entries, writing, poems, and creative works there, too!

4 thoughts on “A staunch character

  1. Thanks Patrick! Your check is in the mail…
    I saw Grey Gardens two years ago and really loved it. Big Edie and Little Edie were delightful characters and I kept on thinking what Rory said on Gilmore Girls: “Can you believe they’re related to Jackie?”

  2. Lana’s article is interesting, but as a Holly apologist, I don’t agree with all of it–not that it is a surprise to anyone. It did give me a lot to think about, though this is a topic I could debate for hours, but I won’t clutter up Patrick’s blog for too long. I don’t see Holly and Olivia as very much alike even if neither is a traditional heroine. They could have used the “Holly template” in some ways, but the writing was not there.

    Olivia and Jeffrey were not and never will be Roger/Holly. Olivia and Ava were a poor substitute for the dysfunction of Holly and Blake. Even if Olivia’s closest friends were men she had had sex with (outside of Gus), there is no real sense of family between any of them and her. Holly, Ed and Ross were interconnected and relied on each other. Occasionally Olivia will spend time with Buzz, Josh or Bill, but there isn’t the depth in the writing of their relationships. Olivia’s issues were only explored/discovered/discussed during “Inside the Light” episodes after the character had been on canvas over five years. Long time viewers saw Holly’s traumas unfold on screen over months and years (and it informed Maureen Garrett’s acting so even if you didn’t see Holly’s past, it was part of the subtext), with Olivia it was told over a few episodes.

    If I did redroom I would respond to her (in a much longer format). I couldn’t find Lana’s posting until I clicked her name in the comments field. Can one join redroom under a nom de plume, and not use a picture?

    Hey BL – thanks for your comments, as always! See the next comment from Lana (Snapper).

    • BL – Thanks for reading and commenting on my piece about Holly and Olivia. I value your opinion, and am always happy to agree to disagree, especially when someone is as thoughtful and informed as you clearly are. You describe yourself as a Holly apologist, and I’ve got no beef with that. She may well be my favorite soap character, ever.

      I hope you’ll check out the second installment of this essay:

      You don’t need to post a photo at Red Room, and I’m pretty sure you can use any name, just so long as you use *some* name. Would love to hear more from you.

      – Lana

      Thanks Lana! BL’s one of my favorite folks – she is very thoughtful and eloquent. I’d love to see where the dialogue goes!

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