Dream fulfillment department


Daytime Confidential is reporting yet more Guiding Light news this morning….

I must emphasize this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but DC has been spot-on with a number of other GL news bits lately, so it’s well worth mentioning.

We may see Maureen Garrett, Peter Simon, and Rick Hearst back on GL this summer.

I’m sure I’m a bit sensitive about any GL-related news, but I will tell you (and the Soap Gods) two things:

(1) My eyes may have involuntarily watered a little at this news.


(2) Honestly, I don’t care if every remaining scene for CBS is played in front of a black cloth backdrop, and every under-five character needed from here on in is played by a SOCK PUPPET.  If that’s what it takes to make it possible for this to be, then so be it.

Please, soap gods, make this happen!

5 thoughts on “Dream fulfillment department

  1. I whole-heartedly agree!!! If this is correct, then I have even more respect for EW, Telenext & P&G at this point. They really are pulling out the stops.

  2. And so, this makes me wonder. Doesn’t that make cancellation a GOOD thing? Not a happy thing, but a GOOD thing? Closure. Reunion of loved ones? It wouldn’t happen without this closing of the door.

  3. I am right there with you with a tear in my eye. I just wish that this could have all happened a year ago and the ratings would have soared. I do give Telenext, EW and P&G kudos for making the show so good! I am looking forward to every minute left on CBS and the next outlet to follow 🙂

  4. Would it be too much to ask for return guest stints of the great writers? Broderick? Curlee and Demorest? The crazy Dobsons? Why not?

    Connie, that’s a great idea. I’d love to see Patrick Mulcahey write a Spaulding family dinner. And I’d love to see Pam Long write a few scenes. She created Alexandra and Reva and I’d love to see what she’d say about them now.

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