Another round of “Another World”

Remember all of the great new-platform, new-ways-to-deliver-existing-story that I’ve been blah blah blah-ing about lately?

Exhibit A: The launch of Another World Today (, a website that will pick up AW’s story today.


The site launches on May 4th. Which, of course, is the date the original AW launched in 1964. Tres clever!

I’m really impressed that Telenext is doing this. It’s taken them a while to sort it all out, but I think they’re getting a good grasp on how they can use the rich P&G history online.

3 thoughts on “Another round of “Another World”

  1. Agreed!

    I wasn’t watching AW at the end, but I still looked at that opening chapter. And it made me want to see the next bit.

    Beyond fan votes, they’ll have to figure out how to make this more interactive and less textual. The video clips and pictures help, but I wondered if the current fun around “Pratt Falls” and its copycats gives us a clue.

    Could there be, built into the site, a way to virtually (lo-tech) script and play out the drama? Could they hire the original actors as voice actors for same? That’s probably pie in the sky, but I’m hopeful that with a little investment, people will come.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this. It reminds me of how the Star Trek franchise continues in novels for the characters in series that are no longer on television.

  3. IF this turns out to be successful, I wonder if that will mean that P&G/Telenext might consider giving life to some of their other late, lamented series? I would be the first in line for a new “The Edge of Night” series set in the present — just as long as they somehow give us fans an explanation of where the show was going when they launched the “Wonderland Lane” storyline on the last TV episode. (I wrote my own “episodes” with how I thought the story would go, but it turned out much more sci-fi than even Lee Sheldon’s contributions to the series as headwriter!)

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